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Frequently asked questions

Short answers to frequently asked questions about using and understanding Historic England Archive.


How does searching work?
What do my Summary Search Results mean?
How can I see more details of a record?
How are the results ordered?
What does the Date refer to?
What does Format refer to?
What does Place refer to?
How can I use Favourites?

Trouble logging in?

Why won't my password work?
I have forgotten my password. Can I get a new one?

General Questions

What might be in a Building File?
Why register for a Heritage Passport?

By registering for a Heritage Passport you can take advantage of the special user services available on this and other English Heritage websites. On this site you can:-
  • save items in Favourites
  • save complete searches in Saved Searches and
  • order copies (Basket).
Once you've registered through English Heritage Archives, you don't need to register through the other websites. Your user name and password will allow you to login and use the services on sites such as PastScape, Heritage Explorer and Heritage Gateway.

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What can I find on Historic England Archive?
What won't I find on Historic England Archive?
How can I find out about Aerial Photographs?
I work for English Heritage/Historic England, how can I use Historic England Archive?

Ordering and Paying

How do I order a copy?
How do I pay?
Why don't I pay when I order?