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About Searching: More help with using and understanding Historic England Archive

Advice about searching

How searching works: overview

How searching works: overview

There are two ways to enter your search:

Quick Search searches for records using the word or words you have entered in the box. If you use more than one word, the records with the closest match for those words will be retrieved first. You can also choose to retrieve only those records with an online image to view.

Advanced Search lets you be more specific about the parts of the records you wish to search. You can use a text box as in the Quick Search, but you can also choose from a number of different options. For most boxes there are drop down lists to choose from.

It is not necessary to use all the boxes – the fewer boxes you use, the more results you will retrieve.

The search combines everything you enter to retrieve records which include all of them.

We apply a number of search rules to give the best results.

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Rules for free-text searching
Which data fields are searched?
Narrowing or Widening Searches
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Case Study 3: What you might find for a town: Stroud, Gloucestershire
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