Price List

(Valid until 30th September 2017) 

When you place an order, we will contact you by email within two working days to tell you the total cost and ask you to confirm your order. We will send you an invoice after we’ve sent your order. 

Prices shown are for individual items. (Prices in brackets are without VAT)

Copy format Price
Low resolution scan (photographs only)
(up to 700 pixels along longest edge)

Suitable for reference, draft printing and web reproduction (subject to relevant permissions).

£6.00 (£5.00)

High resolution scan (photographs only)
(file size up to 50mb rgb/17mb greyscale)

Suitable for high quality printed reproduction up to A3 @300dpi (subject to relevant permissions)

£25.20 (£21.00)
10x8 inch print (photographs only) £19.20 (£16.00)
16x12 inch print (photographs only) £36.00 (£30.00)
20x16 inch print (photographs only) £43.20 (£36.00)
Copy of Report
Up to 25 pages £ 5.10 (£4.25)
25-50 pages £10.21 (£8.51)
Over 50 pages £15.32 (£12.77)
Copy of Measured Drawing
Supplied in digital format
£18.00 (£15.00)

All prices include first class postage and packing within the UK where applicable. Postage will be calculated and added to the invoice for overseas orders.


We will normally send an invoice which may be paid by credit/debit card, BACS or cheque. Information on how to pay is included in the invoice. We reserve the rights to request payment in advance in some circumstances. 

Our Service

We cannot guarantee to supply copies of photographs or documents. Copying is subject to the copyright status and physical condition of the original.

We reserve the right to refuse voluminous requests, but will offer alternatives if possible.

All information is supplied by Historic England under our terms and conditions.


Please contact us if you'd like to reproduce or re-use any item from the Historic England Archive.

Visiting Us

If you would like to see the archive item(s), you can arrange to visit our public search room in Swindon.